Daniel Philippe

Daniel is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, educator, producer and recorder of music.  Stylistically, his interests lie almost anywhere, but tend towards chilled out improvised jazzy groove-based music, or more generally music that is pushing the boundaries in some way.

Over the years, Daniel has played in various ensembles ranging from alternative rock to jazz to classical, and has been involved in writing and arranging music for musicals, plays, church services, bands, and just for his own enjoyment.

Reflectiv is a project put together by Daniel, and he is the only remaining founding member.  Most of the music originates in his home studio and is massaged into shape by the other members of the band, often right in the middle of a performance.  The podcast is put together by Daniel.

Daniel is available for workshops, lessons (piano/keyboard and theory), tutoring, arranging, composing and various other musical activities.

He can be contacted on