Songs For Stillness CD, recorded during 2007 - click on the track title for audio sample.

HeartFire (7:54)

Cushions and Feathered Wings (7:17)

stillness pt I (1:25)

Knowledge (5:30)

Green In The Ash pt I (8:23)

As The Deer Thirsts (5:04)

Cana (7:32)

stillness pt II (1:31)

Shanti Naga (6:43)

stillness pt III and IV (3:23)

Troubled Waters (6:23)

Green In The Ash pt II (4:06)


Econtra concert - in 2000, Dan put on an electro-acoustic concert with original music, mixing different styles, some using well known melodies as starting points - some of these are below.

Prelude No. 1 (Bach)

Saltarello (an anonymous mediaeval piece)

Created (D. Philippe)

The Whole Truth (D. Philippe)


I’ve started uploading some of my worship songs that people can use in churches or for their own worship.  These are available for free at